The Mexican Energy Forum will return to Mexico City on April 2021. 

The forum has transitioned into an invitation-only gathering, where through a careful selection process, the movers and shakers of the industry will be invited to reflect upon the current status of the energy market in Mexico. In collaboration with peers and colleagues, attendees will leave the forum with concrete takeaways that will contribute to the development of a stronger, more efficient and integrated industry. The event will take a close look at global energy perspectives and their impact in Mexico, the future of renewables in the country, the development of the power & electricity market, current investment trends, the role of natural gas and much more. 

The Mexican Energy Forum provides a much-needed platform for comprehensive dialogue that leads to strategic solutions and viable commercial opportunities.

To request an invitation please contact: Myrna Elguezabal at

Past Speakers of the 2019 Mexican Energy Forum Include:

Be Part of Mexico's Exciting Energy Future and Join the Leadership at the Mexican Energy Forum:

Joining the Mexican Energy Forum as a sponsor will provide you with a series of high-value benefits for your company. You will have premium access to industry leaders, regulators and experts in the energy field. This year’s event will offer excellent opportunities to understand the key elements of the reform, the latest developments, as well as the collaborations that have been established.

For more information about our packages of sponsorship, please contact Bena Leslie:


A curated group of attendees, allowing for strategic exchange of ideas and perspectives

A dynamic program covering the most current and relevant energy challenges

In-depth roundtable discussions amongst prominent industry leaders, encouraging open debate for the creation of solutions

Unique networking functions aimed at promoting commercial opportunities and alliances

Past Mexican Energy Forum Photo Gallery:

MEF 2016, W Hotel - Day 1
MEF 2016, W Hotel - Day 1
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