City Series

City Series

Energy Dialogues LLC is proud to present the City Series:

These geographically-specific events bring together subject matter experts, policy makers, socio-environmental representatives, and C-level leaders from all stages of the energy value chain to connect and form partnerships through in-depth discussion of the energy market’s role in the economy and the world at large. The program brings the benefits of connection and collaboration to various cities in North America.

City Series Content

The City Series consists of exclusive one-day events that bring together an important group of key decision-makers, thought leaders, and influencers from across the value chain. The initiative was designed to inspire new ideas and innovative plans to add value to all stakeholders, as well as the regions in which these events take place. Each event focuses on various aspects of the role energy plays in the world and is followed up with an in-depth report published by our academic partner.

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Previous Speakers

    • Matthew Abel

      Matthew Abel

      Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group

    • Leandro Alves

      Leandro Alves

      President and COO, Falvez Energy / WindHQ

    • Ines Azevedo

      Ines Azevedo

      Associate Professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University

    • Tom Baker

      Tom Baker

      Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

    • Rosanety Barrios

      Rosanety Barrios

      Independent Analyst on Energy Matters

    • Linda Battalora

      Linda Battalora

      Teaching Professor, Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

    • Morgan Bazilian

      Morgan Bazilian

      Executive Director Payne Institute, Colorado School of Mines

    • Jonathan Banks

      Jonathan Banks

      Research Associate, University of Alberta’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

    • Marie-Helene Ben Samoun

      Marie-Helene Ben Samoun

      Managing Director & Partner Houston, Boston Consulting Group

    • Sally Benson

      Sally Benson

      Co-Director, Precourt Institute for Energy

    • Tracee Bentley

      Tracee Bentley

      Executive Director, The Permian Strategic Partnership

    • Riccardo Bertocco

      Riccardo Bertocco

      Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

    • Apoorv Bhargava

      Apoorv Bhargava

      CEO and Co-Founder, Weave Grid

    • Chip Blue

      Chip Blue

      Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group

    • Naomi Boness

      Naomi Boness

      Managing Director, Stanford Natural Gas Initiative

    • Daniel Bonk

      Daniel Bonk

      Director of Engineering, Montauk Energy

    • Denise Brinley

      Denise Brinley

      Executive Director, Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of Energy

    • Dan Byers

      Dan Byers

      Vice President, Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    • Chris Carr

      Chris Carr

      Partner, Baker Bott

    • Cully Cavness

      Cully Cavness

      Co-Founder, Crusoe Energy

    • Merlin Cochran

      Merlin Cochran

      Director General, AMEXHI

    • Jef Caers

      Jef Caers

      Director, Stanford Center for Earth Resources Forecasting

    • Michael Celia

      Michael Celia

      Director, Princeton Environmental Institute and Professor of Environmental Studies; Theodora Shelton Pitney Professor of Environmental Studies; Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton University

    • Chris Colclasure

      Chris Colclasure

      Deputy Director, Colorado Department for Public Health and Environment

    • Lance Crist

      Lance Crist

      Global Head of Natural Resources, IFC

    • John Davies

      John Davies

      Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Davies Public Affairs

    • Alex Dewar

      Alex Dewar

      Center for Energy Impact Senior Manager, Boston Consulting Group

    • Michael Didriksen

      Michael Didriksen

      Partner, Baker Botts L.L.P.

    • Ryan Edwards

      Ryan Edwards

      Low Carbon Policy Advisor, Oxy

    • Rebecca Fitz

      Rebecca Fitz

      Senior Director, Center for Energy Impact, Boston Consulting Group

    • Guillermo García Alcocer

      Guillermo García Alcocer

      President Commissioner, Comisión Reguladora de Energía (CRE)

    • Robert Gaudette

      Robert Gaudette

      Senior Vice President, NRG Business Solutions

    • Amir Gerges

      Amir Gerges

      Vice President Permian, Shell

    • Céline Gerson

      Céline Gerson

      President, Schlumberger Canada

    • Marcus Gilmore

      Marcus Gilmore

      Senior Regional Manager, Northeast, Center for Sustainable Energy

    • Suzanne Glatz

      Suzanne Glatz

      Director, Infrastructure Planning, PJM Interconnection

    • Robert Gordon

      Robert Gordon

      Commissioner, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

    • Paul Goydan

      Paul Goydan

      Partner and Managing Director, Leader North America Energy Practice, The Boston Consulting Group

    • Chris Greig

      Chris Greig

      Gerhard R. Andlinger Visiting Fellow in Energy and the Environment, ACEE, Princeton University

    • Dan Grossman

      Dan Grossman

      National Director of State Programs, Oil & Gas, Environmental Defense Fund

    • Greg G. Guidry

      Greg G. Guidry

      EVP, Unconventionals, Shell

    • Keith Hay

      Keith Hay

      Director of Utility Policy, Colorado Energy Office

    • Doug Hengel

      Doug Hengel

      Adjunct Lecturer in the Energy, Resources and Environment Program, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

    • Rebecca Hood

      Rebecca Hood

      Principal, Boston Consulting Group

    • Rob Jackson

      Rob Jackson

      rofessor of Earth System Science, Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Precourt Institute for Energy

    • Shaffiq Jaffer

      Shaffiq Jaffer

      VP Corporate Science and Technology Projects, Total

    • Jesse Jenkins

      Jesse Jenkins

      Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and ACEE, Princeton University

    • Scott Jennings

      Scott Jennings

      Senior Vice President – Corporate Planning, Strategy and Utility Finance, PSEG

    • Brian Jones

      Brian Jones

      Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Kairos Aerospace

    • Ty Jagerson

      Ty Jagerson

      VP Commercialization, Malta, Inc.

    • Sarah Jordaan

      Sarah Jordaan

      Assistant Professor of Energy, Resources, and Environment and Canadian Studies Fellow, Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

    • Katrina Kelly-Pitou

      Katrina Kelly-Pitou

      Urban Systems Strategist, SmithGroup

    • Michael Kirven

      Michael Kirven

      Business Development Director – Pittsburgh, National Car Charging

    • David Layzell

      David Layzell

      Professor and Director, CESAR, University of Calgary

    • Mike Leonard

      Mike Leonard

      Community Relations Manager, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

    • Meade Lewis

      Meade Lewis

      Founder and Chief Executive Officer, mIQroTech

    • Joe Lima

      Joe Lima

      Global Director, Environmental Sustainability, Schlumberger

    • Flore Marion

      Flore Marion

      Energy Advisor, City of Pittsburgh

    • John McCarrick

      John McCarrick

      Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Energy Resources

    • Kenneth Medlock

      Kenneth Medlock

      James A. Baker, III and Susan G. Baker Fellow, Rice University's Baker Institute

    • Rachel Meidl

      Rachel Meidl

      Fellow in Energy & Environment, Baker Institute

    • Kevin George Miller

      Kevin George Miller

      Director, Public Policy, ChargePoint

    • Yvette Mucharraz

      Yvette Mucharraz

      Human Resources Management Professor, IPADE Business School

    • Julie M. Murphy

      Julie M. Murphy

      Director, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

    • Sarah Olexsak

      Sarah Olexsak

      Manager, Transportation Electrification, Duquesne Light Company

    • Marla Orenstein

      Marla Orenstein

      Director, Centre for Natural Resource Policy, Canada West Foundation

    • Adam Peltz

      Adam Peltz

      Senior Attorney, Energy, Environmental Defense Fund

    • Bob Perciasepe

      Bob Perciasepe

      President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

    • Drew Pomerantz

      Drew Pomerantz

      Principal Research Scientist, Schlumberger

    • Kelly Prasser

      Kelly Prasser

      Manager, External Affairs, Sempra LNG

    • Montserrat Ramiro

      Montserrat Ramiro

      Energy Expert and Former CRE Commissioner

    • Angel Ransom

      Angel Ransom

      Director of Operations, First Nations Major Projects Coalition

    • Ben Ratner

      Ben Ratner

      Senior Director, Environmental Defense Fund

    • Abhi Ravishankar

      Abhi Ravishankar

      Principal, Boston Consulting Group

    • Gabriel Reynoso Castillo

      Gabriel Reynoso Castillo

      Professor at the Decision Analysis Department, IPADE Business School

    • Andrés Rozental

      Andrés Rozental

      Energy Group Director, COMEXI

    • Anshuman Sahoo

      Anshuman Sahoo

      Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group

    • Sarah Saltzer

      Sarah Saltzer

      Managing Director of the Stanford Center for Carbon Storage and the Stanford Carbon Initiative, Stanford University

    • Tisha Schuller

      Tisha Schuller

      Principal, Adamantine Energy

    • Robert Schwiers

      Robert Schwiers

      Deputy Chief Economist, Chevron

    • Anna J. Siefken

      Anna J. Siefken

      Executive Director of the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation, Carnegie Mellon University

    • Monika Simoes

      Monika Simoes

      Managing Director, Energy Dialogues LLC

    • Molly Tirpak Sterkel

      Molly Tirpak Sterkel

      Program Manager, Infrastructure Planning and Permitting Branch, California Public Utilities Commission, Energy Division

    • Shandell Szabo

      Shandell Szabo

      Vice President U.S. Exploration, Anadarko

    • Gary Teletzke

      Gary Teletzke

      Senior Reservoir Engineering Advisor, ExxonMobil

    • Alan Thomson

      Alan Thomson

      Senior Partner & Managing Director, Global Leader, Energy Practice, The Boston Consulting Group

    • Mark Thurber

      Mark Thurber

      Associate Director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Stanford University

    • Sharon Tomkins

      Sharon Tomkins

      Vice President, Strategy and Engagement, and Chief Environmental Officer, SoCalGas

    • María José Treviño

      María José Treviño

      Country Manager, Mexico, Acclaim Energy

    • Brooke Tucker

      Brooke Tucker

      Managing Director Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Governor's Office of Energy Development, Utah

    • Johannes Urpelainen

      Johannes Urpelainen

      Director of the Energy, Resources, and Environmental Program, Founding Director of the Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

    • Ben Vannier

      Ben Vannier

      Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group

    • Lisa Viscidi

      Lisa Viscidi

      Program Director, Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries, Inter-American Dialogue

    • Connie Van der Byl

      Connie Van der Byl

      Academic Director, Institute for Environmental Sustainability (IES), Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta

    • Susan Waller

      Susan Waller

      Vice President Stakeholder Engagement & Enterprise Public Awareness, Enbridge

    • Michael Wara

      Michael Wara

      Director, Climate and Energy Policy Program, Senior Research Scholar, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University

    • Jake Ward

      Jake Ward

      Ph.D. Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

    • Richard Ward

      Richard Ward

      Director Global Methane Program, Rocky Mountain Institute

    • Matt Watson

      Matt Watson

      AVP, Climate & Energy Program EDF

    • Elke Weber

      Elke Weber

      Associate Director for Education, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment; Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment; Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

    • Jamie Webster

      Jamie Webster

      Center for Energy Impact Senior Director, Boston Consulting Group

    • Andrew Williams

      Andrew Williams

      Director, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs, Environmental Defense Fund

    • Shareen Yawanarajah

      Shareen Yawanarajah

      International Policy Manager, Energy Program, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

    • Mark Zoback

      Mark Zoback

      Benjamin M. Page Professor of Geophysics and Director, Stanford Natural Gas Initiative

    • Tina Zuzek

      Tina Zuzek

      Principal, Boston Consulting Group

    • John Zhou

      John Zhou

      Vice President, Clean Resources

By Invitation Only

These invitation-only events bring together a cross-section of key stakeholders and decision makers for strategic dialogue and formation of solutions by welcoming diverse viewpoints from participants within and outside of the industry for true debate, dialogue, and formation of solutions. Exclusive panels, paired with focused working groups, are centered around creating a path towards achieving a lower carbon, cleaner energy future.

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Past City Series


  • “A day well spent debating the issues facing the energy sector with a broad group of stakeholders across the industry.”

    - Robert Schwiers, Chief Economist, Chevron

  • “Engaging discussion, high quality attendees and a more intimate-sized event make for a more valuable use of time than most industry conferences one attends.”

    - Emily Reichert, Chief Executive Officer, Greentown Labs

  • “A good, thorough discussion of the current energy issues in Mexico.”

    - David Madero, Director, Energy Solutions, Acclaim Energy

  • “A great opportunity to hear from a variety of industry experts and continue learning about developments in the sector.”

    - Jacquelin Dangelo, Associate Director, Fitch Ratings

  • “The Energy Dialogues provides a great forum for free thinking and the exchange of ideas in a room full of smart people.”

    - Karr Ingham, Petroleum Economist, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

  • “An amazing opportunity to learn, engage, and problem solve on some of the most challenging energy issues.”

    - Jill Cooper, Senior Principal Consultant, Geosyntec Consultants

  • “Great open dialogue at a time when it is most needed. Civility and collegiality, regardless of agenda, is refreshing to say the least.”

    - Kyle Smith, Counsel, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

  • “The Washington D.C. Energy Dialogues was a highly educational workshop with insights from different sectors including industry, academia and government agencies.”

    – Sakineh Tavakkoli, Postdoctoral Fellow, Energy, Resources, and Environment, Johns Hopkins, SAIS