Client Endorsements

Enerdy Dialogues Endorsement

"NAGF has emerged as the leading energy conference that combines government and the natural gas industry. "

Jeff Hammad, Vice President, Commercial, Golden Pass LNG

  • Wonderful opportunity to receive an update on the status of virtually every link in the Nat Gas value chain and interact with key players.

    Anatol Feygin, SVP Strategy & Corporate Development, Cheniere

  • The North American Gas Forum takes on the pressing issues in the industry and examines them through the view of the leaders who are tackling them every day. The forum attracts a high-level expert group of industry insiders whose caliber grows each year. I look forward to Direct Energy’s continued participation in the future.

    Badar Khan, President and CEO, Direct Energy

  • A great opportunity to hear from a variety of industry experts and continue learning about developments in the sector.

    Jacquelin Dangelo, Associate Director, Fitch Ratings

  • A good, thorough discussion of the current energy issues in Mexico.

    David Madero, Director, Energy Solutions, Acclaim Energy

  • The North American Gas Forum is unrivaled in scope, depth and timeliness of the industry developments and trends that shape the North American energy space.

    Kevin Sweeney, Attorney at Law, John & Hengerer

  • Great opportunity to learn from leading industry experts. Well-organized & well-attended.

    Trevor Smith, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Honeywell

  • The Mexican Energy Forum provided a great opportunity to meet, network and engage in conversations with colleagues on how to navigate the new energy landscape in Mexico.

    Andres Pinero, Sales Director, Honeywell Process Solutions

  • The NAGF is an event each year that allows me to step back and spend some time on the big picture, policy issues, and projected industry evolution.

    Guy Lewis, Strategic Marketing Director, UOP Honeywell

  • This is the only conference where the audience is expert enough to have open, reflective discussion about the future.

    Rick Smead, Managing Director - Advisory Services, RBN Energy

  • The NAGF is an ideal event and environment for us to collaborate, lead and help drive this success story.

    Cam Thrutchley, Vice President Strategic Ventures, Honeywell

  • Great industry-encompassing forum. Attendees learn not only from speakers or panelists, but from one another.

    Rodrigo Fernández Varela Carral, External Relations Adviser, Shell

  • Our first NAGF was informative with excellent discussions on the stage. Reinforced the value of the work we are doing with the industry to advance market ready solutions.

    Jeff Cohen, Co-Founder, EVP, Xpansiv Data Systems

  • Some of the key things we look at when attending these type of events are the program, the level of attendees and the networking opportunities. On all three fronts we are very pleased with the results from the North American Gas Forum.

    Juan Pareja, Manager Global LNG Business Development, Conoco Phillips

  • The forum was done with excellence and was beneficial in developing contacts to benefit me and my company.

    Tom Hutchins, Vice President EH&S, Kinder Morgan Natural Gas Pipelines

  • NAGF is an intimate conference with quality speakers and attendees. It feels like the organizers make special effort to listen to attendees and structure topics accordingly.

    Ram Tekumalla, Project Management, Upstream Group, Fluor

  • Fantastic networking event. Great open and frank dialogues, which were refreshing and much needed.

    John Padilla, Managing Director, IPD Latin America

  • A day well spent debating the issues facing the energy sector with a broad group of stakeholders across the industry.

    Robert Schwiers, Chief Economist, Chevron

  • Engaging discussion, high-quality attendees, and a more intimate-sized event make for a more valuable use of time than most industry conferences one attends.

    Emily Reichert, Chief Executive Officer, Greentown Labs

  • Comprehensive coverage on what's going on the North American natural gas.

    Hiroki Fuchiwaki, Deputy Chief Representative, Japan Development Bank

  • The NAGF was a great conference for industry participation and a diverse exchange of ideas.

    Rich Kaelin, Executive Director, Washington Operations, GTI

  • Learn-Understand-Improve! We have a great opportunity to bring dependable energy to America, let's do it right!

    Richard Connolly, Executive Account Manager, Direct Energy

  • Excellent networking opportunity!

    Rachelle Goebel, Global Sales Director, Honeywell

  • Monika is a superb organizer. She has a keen ability bring people together and to run a successful conference. She is a strong networker and very pleasant to work with. She is low key and effective.

    Guy Caruso, Independent Oil & Energy Professional

  • Timely event for timely topics affecting the US Natural Gas Industry.

    Nick Matacchieri, Vice President, Intesa Sanpaolo

  • An excellent cross-section of information sharing and networking.

    Divya Reddy, Director, Global Energy & Natural Resources, Eurasia Group

  • Becoming a great tradition in Washington

    David Sweet, Executive Director at World Alliance for Decentralized Energy

  • Monika put together a substantive conference that drew a wide audience of stakeholders from every aspect of the North American gas industry, including companies, financiers, investors, regulators and government representatives. Quite a good assembly for sharing important information.

    Terry Newendorp, Chairman & CEO at Taylor-DeJongh

  • I used to believe that the energy business is already fully saturated with conferences; however Monika has shown that she has the tenacity and creativity to surprise even the most jaded conference attendee. Monika understands the energy business as well as any industry executive, and organizes events to ensure that each attendee walks away impressed.

    Jeff Hammad, Vice President Commercial, Golden Pass Products

  • Monika is a detailed oriented, responsive, and efficient professional. An excellent communicator, she made my participation n the event she organized easy and stress-free. It was a pleasure to work with her.

    John Quigley, Self-employed consultant (natural resource conservation, sustainable development, alternative energy)

  • Great mix of participants from throughout all sectors of the industry.

    Bob Vessey, Vice President, Pace Global a Siemens Business

  • Informative, timely and relevant. The speakers and participants were afforded an excellent opportunity to share and discuss perspectives and information in a way that is simply not provided at other forums. Great job!

    David Platte, President, Platte Solutions

  • An excellent conference that covers the range of perspectives within the natural gas sector.

    John Finn, Senior Advisor, US Department of State

  • One of the most valuable conferences I attend.

    Amir Sardari, President & CEO, Energy & Environment Inc.

  • From all conferences I spoke at within the past couple of years Monika has been the most pro-active and supportive conference producer I have worked with. Her friendly and goal-oriented work style make business with her most enjoyable and successful.

    Jens Thieme, Director, Head of Global Program Management Custom Manufacturing at Lonza

  • I have worked with Monika on the last 2 annual people challenge conferences. On both occasions she has managed to attract the best in the industry through her excellent interpersonal skills and professionalism. Its always a pleasure to work with Monika.

    Dean Hunter MD HR Consultancy at Hunter Adams

  • I was fortunate to chair a conference that Monika was producing. She gave every support and encouragement a chair could expect and her preparation and execution of the conference was to be highly respected.

    Martin Elliott, Chemicals Business Development Consultant

  • Great open dialogue at a time when it is most needed. Civility and collegiality, regardless of agenda, is refreshing to say the least

    Kyle Smith, Counsel, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner