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As a top networking facilitator for the global energy sector, we are committed to our goal of stimulating forward progress within the industry, offering our clients and members indispensable insights and expertise from leaders across the energy value chain, online as well as in person. Everything we do is strategically planned to fuel debate, discussion and information exchange.

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Upcoming Events

10 Energy Trends Powering 2022

Virtual Event December 2, 2021 @ 10am MT

After a wild year in energy, we are going to take a look at what next year might like. Energy Dialogues, in collaboration with Project Canary and their Co-Founders, will apply this years remarkable changes in the energy supply chain to next year’s business trends.

Learn about changes to regulations, financing, carbon offsets, supply chain certifications, gas price volatility, weather patterns and more. Then, confidently apply them to your own business’ outlook for 2022.

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Methane Emissions - Trajectories and Pathways Ahead

Virtual Event

Topics Include:

  • The changing landscape of methane reduction targets as a part of ESG requirements: where are we headed?
  • How do federal methane rules impact the imperative to curb methane emissions in the US? How will they shape pathways forward?
  • What metrics do need to be in place to report accurately and meaningfully on methane and find solutions? Can there be a global approach to measuring and reporting?
  • What are big shifts the energy industry may be seeing as a result of new technologies and evolving regulations?
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The Near-Term Future of Hydrogen in an Era of Decarbonization


Topics Include:

  • Creating building blocks for the hydrogen dialogue: fundamentals, problems, drivers and limitations on the journey to a hydrogen economy – the smallest molecule on the examination table
  • Hydrogen projects and commercialization: how will hydrogen impact the global energy system? Developers’, users’ and investors’ perspectives
  • Which color(s) will dominate the hydrogen future? What are the advantages and challenges of staying technology neutral in the quest for sustainable and profitable growth and opportunities?
  • Realities today versus a distant hydrogen future: how is hydrogen impacting businesses across the value chain right now? Where can companies invest, collaborate and develop at present?
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The Future of US-Mexico Relations and its Impact on the Energy Industry



  • John Padilla, Managing Director, IPD Latin America

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Aindriú Colgan, Tax and Trade Policy, API
  • David Goldwyn, President, Goldwyn Global Strategies, LLC
  • Lucas Aristizabal, Senior Director LATAM Corporates Group, Fitch Ratings

Discussion will focus on:

  • How is U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship likely to change under a Biden presidency, particularly in terms of the energy sector?
  • Government Related Entities (PEMEX and CFE) financial situation, government tax amendments, support and outlook for 2021
  • Pre- and post-midterm elections in Mexico: What can we expect from an energy sector perspective?
  •  What will it take to re-establish investor confidence in Mexico’s energy sector?
  • What are the major challenges and uncertainties U.S. energy companies are facing in Mexico?
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Energy transitions and decarbonization - Americas, EU and Developing Countries Perspectives


Sponsored by Sempra LNG and BRG Energy + Climate, the webinar explored topics related to what success looks like for the energy transition and what partnerships are needed to make it happen.

Lee Beck, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council, CCUS Policy Innovation Director, Clean Air Task Force

Brian Lloyd, Regional Vice President of External Affairs, Sempra LNG
Christopher Goncalves, Chair & Managing Director, BRG Energy & Climate
Bobby Quintos, Managing Director, Delta Offshore Energy

Discussion focused on:

  • What are economic drivers of the energy transition? What is the outlook?
  • A global look at energy transitions – what makes sense where? Who is leading the way? What can we learn?
  • What infrastructure is needed to develop energy systems of the future? Where does gas fit in?
  • Innovations on the horizon: hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, methane emissions and more
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  • Thank you for hosting the webinar today. I’m a recent college graduate interested in specializing in the energy industry and I learned so much from this call!

  • Very nice event today! I took 2 pages of notes. Thank you!

  • Good session today.  Let me know when the On-Demand version is available – I have a couple of folks internally who need to see it.