Who We Are

Energy Dialogues LLC is proud to be a top networking facilitator for the North American and global energy sectors. Committed to our goal of stimulating forward progress within the energy industry, we offer our clients and members indispensable insights and expertise from international energy leaders representing all sectors—commercial, policy, and regulatory. Our high-level forums, meetings, and roundtables are strategically planned to fuel debate, discussion, and information exchange. Our engagements are long-term, maximizing their value for all participants and distinguishing Energy Dialogues from other networking associations. In the exciting and conducive atmosphere of our events, new relationships are forged, partnerships become established, advocacy efforts find support, and myriad business opportunities arise. Participating energy leaders and experts at all levels find hands-on solutions and stay at the forefront of industry developments, not only benefiting their businesses, but ultimately influencing global solutions amid ongoing energy transition.


Energy Dialogues creates strategic opportunities for worldwide energy industry leaders to meet, converse, learn, and leverage available business insights and potentialities. We specialize in providing unique networking settings where senior executives can engage with their peers, as well as with prominent private and governmental decision-makers, regarding energy policy and regulation. Our tailored, high-level conferences and meetings consistently deliver stimulation, inspiration, and profitability potential, contributing to Energy Dialogue’s reputation as the company of choice for network development.


Excellence and Trust – As part of our commitment to providing clients with the best networking functions possible, we design focused, content-rich, and innovative programs featuring eminent industry speakers and abundant opportunities for commercial networking. We strongly believe that in an increasingly virtual world, actual face-to-face interaction is irreplaceable in creating and maintaining mutually trusting, long-term business relationships.

Value EnsuredKnowing our clients’ time away from the office is at a premium, we work to consistently deliver productive and advantageous business development opportunities. We customize our approach to each client’s specific needs, working with them in advance of each meeting to ensure that their participation – whether as attendee, speaker, or sponsor – brings maximum return on their investment.

Passion for Knowledge, Service and Connections – Energy Dialogues is built on a strong and vital networking platform in the energy sector. Our commitment is to effectively connect our clients to industry leaders for enrichment and stimulation via access to the most timely and relevant shared information, perspectives, and business opportunities. We take the specific needs of each member seriously, continually striving to provide excellent customer service and support so that all participants have an unequivocally positive experience.

Strategic Partnerships – The competitive advantage of Energy Dialogues lies in our establishment of long-term relationships with our clients, as we continually endeavor to understand their unique business strategies and priorities. In this way, we can tailor our events to ensure maximum benefit to each participant through timely, focused content and collaborative opportunities.

Creativity and Innovation – In our current transitioning energy landscape, it is more vital than ever to incorporate a dynamic approach to remain at the cutting edge of industry developments. In the same way, our meetings and events reflect the importance of flexibility and innovation in planning, content, methods of delivery, and interaction settings for participants.




Monika R. Simões Managing Director,  Energy Dialogues LLC

Who We Are

Monika’s past and present career have involved partnering with industry and government to generate and maintain projects relating to the energy industry—projects which foster investment, drive development, encourage business growth, and build meaningful relationships across a broad range of industry areas. Monika’s exceptional passion and talents are evidenced in her impressive track record of successfully transforming ambitious ideas into business realities and effectively connecting people via global networks. Whether coordinating boutique-style, senior-level meetings or large conferences and exhibitions, she is committed to creating opportunities for the energy industry to access profitable and lasting commercial partnerships, debate industry solutions, and ultimately, achieve their business goals.

Monika has developed, trained, and administered cross-functional teams in the energy conference sector, ranging from content producers and marketing/sales personnel, to researchers and operations managers. Strong leadership and management skills have enabled her to assume full project responsibility, including profit-and-loss, for numerous high-impact industry conferences and events across North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. Prior to heading Energy Dialogues, she worked with a number of the leading global conference companies, including CWC Group, The Oil Council, and Clarion Events.

Degreed in economics and sociology, Monica received her education in Paris, France and has lived and worked in London, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, and now San Diego, California. She is fluent in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German, and Hungarian) and is currently learning Portuguese and Japanese.

Well-known industry events Monika has led and been involved in at different stages in her career include:

North American Gas Forum 2013-2018 in Washington, DC, USA

North America Assembly 2013 in Houston, Texas, USA

European Gas Conference 2013 in Vienna, Austria – co-hosted by OMV Gas & Power

European Unconventional Gas Summit 2013 in Vienna, Austria

North America Gas Summit 2012 in Washington D.C., USA

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit 2012 in Vienna, Austria – co-hosted by OMV

Alaska LNG Summit 2012 in Valdez, Alaska, USA

North America Gas Summit 2011 in Washington D.C., USA

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit 2011 in Madrid, Spain – co-hosted by Repsol

European Unconventional Gas Summit 2011 in Krakow, Poland

European Gas Conference 2011 in Vienna, Austria – co-hosted by OMV Gas & Power

Launch of the European Unconventional Gas Summit 2011 in Paris, France

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit 2010 in Vienna, Austria – co-hosted by OMV

World Shale Gas Conference 2010 in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas – co-hosted by AGA and co-sponsored by IGU

Launch of the Rio Gas Forum 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – co-hosted by Petrobras

Nigeria Infrastructure & Power 2009 in Abuja, Nigeria

The People Challenge 2008 in Barcelona, Spain

Health & Safety Excellence in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry 2008 in Rome, Italy

Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in the Chemical Industry 2008 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The People Challenge 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Health & Safety Excellence in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry 2007 in Barcelona, Spain

European LNG Conference 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Energy Dialogues LLC is a growing and dynamic business. We are always happy to hear from passionate, driven professionals and graduates who would like to be part of our exciting international team.

Please send your CV to info@energy-dialogues.com


  • From all conferences I spoke at within the past couple of years Monika has been the most pro-active and supportive conference producer I have worked with. Her friendly and goal-oriented work style make business with her most enjoyable and successful.

    Jens Thieme, Director, Head of Global Program Management Custom Manufacturing, Lonza

  • “Very insightful and covers the spectrum of energy space not just natural gas.” 

    Eric Peterson, Senior Director, Generation Sales & Services, Kansas City Power & Light

  • I have worked with Monika on the last 2 annual people challenge conferences. On both occasions she has managed to attract the best in the industry through her excellent interpersonal skills and professionalism. It’s always a pleasure to work with Monika.

    Dean Hunter MD, HR Consultancy, Hunter Adams

  • Informative, timely and relevant. The speakers and participants were afforded an excellent opportunity to share and discuss perspectives and information in a way that is simply not provided at other forums. Great job!

    David Platte, President, Platte Solutions

  • “The NAGF continues to be one of the best conferences I attend. It combines policy, market issues and attracts an audience who is focused on moving the needs for our industry.”

    Charlie Riedl, Executive Director, CLNG

  • “Monika and her team have filled a niche in the natural gas discussion with #NAGF – it is well organized and attended, and the programming is superb.”

    Joi Lecznar, SVP of Public Affairs and Communication, Tellurian Inc.

  • “Forum was done with excellence and was beneficial in developing contacts to benefit me and my company.”

    Tom Hutchins, Vice President EH&S, Kinder Morgan Natural Gas Pipelines

  • “NAGF is an intimate conference with quality speakers and attendees. It feels like the organizers make special effort to listen to attendees and structure topics accordingly.”

    Ram Tekumalla, Project Management, Upstream Group, Fluor