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Mexico City Energy Dialogues Podcast

Diversity, Millennials, and Industry Image in Mexico’s Energy Industry

This podcast was recorded at the Mexico City Energy Dialogues, held in partnership with IPADE Business School and as part of our broader City Series.

The aim is to have strategic dialogue, welcoming diverse viewpoints from participants within and outside the industry, as well as the formation of solutions driving a sustainable energy pathway forward, critical amidst an on-going energy transition.

In this podcast, energy thought leaders discuss diversity in Mexico’s energy industry.

Main Topics:

  • Making an old industry young again
  • How do we empower a younger generation of women to pursue leadership positions in the energy industry?
  • How do we educate stakeholders outside of the industry?
  • How do we increase the number of young graduates interested in joining the energy industry?
  • How can the private and public sector actively contribute to this social change?
  • What is the path to achieve ongoing approval from local communities and social acceptance?
  • How can Mexico develop a young, national talent base that can eventually fulfill local needs and substitute the rising number of expats in the country?


  • Maria Jose Terviño, Country Manager, Acclaim Energy Advisors
  • Rosanety Barrios, Independent Analyst on Energy Matters
  • Rebecca Hood, Principal, Boston Consulting Group


  • Yvette Mucharraz, Human Resources Management Professor, IPADE Business School  

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