Patrick Payton

Patrick Payton

President & CEO
The Payton Group LLC & Former Mayor of Midland

Patrick Payton served as the founding and Senior Pastor of Stonegate Fellowship in
Midland, Texas from 1999 through the Fall or 2018; a multi-site congregation with over
5,000 in attendance. In his role as both senior pastor and community leader, he led
Stonegate Fellowship to a place of local, state, national, and international influence through a variety of efforts and initiatives.

Prior to starting Stonegate Fellowship Patrick established and grew careers in the food
service sales, marketing and brokerage sectors throughout Oklahoma and through various
national relationships with vendors and multi-restaurant operators.

Since his October 2018 retirement from Stonegate Fellowship Patrick has begun The
Payton Group, LLC. A leadership, coaching, consulting, and performance organization
committed to personal, and organizational success and excellence. In his work Patrick
brings to bear decades of leadership and organizational understanding that sets the stage
for individual, personal, and organizational growth and success.

In addition to Patrick’s professional career he has been active in other arenas of leadership
and effectiveness. Patrick has met personally with world leaders from the President, halls
of Congress, the United Nations and various others leaders and organizations on issues as
wide ranging as human rights, religious freedom, the oil and gas industry, and nuclear nonproliferation; and, as far away as Khartoum, Sudan to strengthen the prospects of peace and stability in the region.

In 2015, Patrick was selected to the inaugural class of the Presidential Leadership Scholars
initiative. The Scholars initiative is a prestigious leadership program, made up of sixty
global leaders collaborating in multiple arenas of leadership in cooperation with the
presidential libraries of former presidents Lyndon B. Johnson, George H.W. Bush, Bill
Clinton and George W. Bush.

In 2019 Patrick was elected as Mayor of Midland, TX. In this role he has been at the
forefront of community growth and advancement as well as a leading advocate from
Midland, TX to the halls of state and national legislative bodies for the oil and gas industry
prominent in the Permian Basin.

In addition to his various business and leadership roles, Patrick is sought out as an
inspirational speaker, consultant and coach across multiple sectors of influence as well as
founder and host of the podcast No Neutral Moments.

Patrick earned his Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Minor in Business
administration from Southwestern Baptist University.

Patrick has been married to Cindy since August 1989. They have three grown children and
five grandchildren.