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Why attend


Be part of the most exclusive, senior-level gathering of energy industry players focused on carbon management strategies.

The Carbon Solutions Forum will be the first gathering on CO2 management strategies entirely dedicated to the traditional energy sector, bringing together carbon and energy experts to drive collaboration, understand the impact of regulatory updates, and take a deep dive into the latest technologies and innovations.

Join a diverse yet highly curated gathering of senior-level executives representing all aspects of the energy industry. Take part in real, impactful dialogue – enabling collaborative, solutions-focused conversations including:

  • The evolving U.S. regulatory landscape: the Inflation Reduction Act and its impact on cleaner energy production
  • National and global carbon markets – Voluntary vs Compliance and the path to transparency
  • CCUS: new technologies and their implementation across the traditional energy value chain
  • Unlocking partnership and synergies: what does sustainability mean for the energy sector
  • Investing in decarbonization and offsets: drivers, opportunities and risks
  • Landmark projects: economic feasibility, business models, and cutting-edge technologies
  • Nature-based solutions and the importance of the science behind them


Join C-Suite, SVPs, VPs, decision-makers and thought leaders from across the industry as well as policymakers, regulators, environmental and community groups to address challenges and opportunities collectively.

Participate in a confidential, ‘safe’ discussion forum, through facilitated exclusive networking and open discussion via Chatham House Rule roundtables to foster true collaboration to devise solutions, build broader coalitions and find effective pathways forward.

Have real impact on the future of the carbon solutions, form concrete ideas and solutions in making the region a sustainable model for the industry, community, environment, and economy.

Amplify the impact energy professionals can have in navigating the course of the energy transition by working together and forming strong and long lasting connections.

Influence and educate legislators, regulators and policy advisors as a collective and gain insight on what their plans are so you can effectively plan for the future.

Discover how decarbonization goals, rising energy demand and investment trends are impacting oil and gas producers.

  • What I found special was the variety of viewpoints ranging from large energy companies, government leaders, regulators, environmentalists, academics, service companies (including environmental technology firms), capital providers/advisors and independent operators like me. No media is permitted and it is a collaborative environment with breakout sessions during the day to encourage collaboration and honest exchange.

    Steven H. Pruett, President and Chief Executive Officer, Elevation Resources

  • diverse group of industry and academic visionaries constructively debating the sector’s greatest challenges.

    Rick Azer, Associate Vice President, Growth Accelerator, Black & Veatch

  • The Energy Dialogues provides a great forum for free thinking and the exchange of ideas in a room full of smart people.

    Karr Ingham, Petroleum Economist, Executive Vice President, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

  • Very engaged and in depth discussion to dig into the topics. More than just sound bites.

    Suzanne Glatz, Director, Strategic Initiatives & Interregional Planning, PJM Interconnection

  • Thoughtful and collaborative discussions about the state of energy today and more importantly tomorrow.

    Pamela Roth, Vice President Government Relations, EOG Resources