Interview with Mark Florian, Managing Director at BlackRock

As the 2019 North American Gas Forum approaches, Mark Florian, Managing Director at BlackRock, joined us to discuss natural gas investment, developments in the energy industry, and more. Mark Florian will be joining a panel discussion at this year’s forum and will be among an inner circle of key industry leaders sharing discourse and debate in Washington D.C. this October.

We are pleased to share our recent conversation with Mark.

ED: As the world’s largest fund manager and leading investor in fossil fuels, how have you seen the energy industry develop over the last 10 years?

MF: There have been tremendous changes, with the dramatic resource development in the US, the greater mobility of natural gas globally, and the reduction in costs for renewables. All have created seismic shifts in the energy industry.

ED: How are current US policies and politics impacting investment in fossil fuels?

MF: US policies, as compared to other countries around the world, allow substantial development of fossil fuels. The US capital markets, as well as the entrepreneurial culture here, also are substantial catalysts to driving more resource development.

ED: Within the energy industry, there are numerous discussions in regards to the energy transition and the vital role coalition building will play in this new era. How is this being perceived and what impact is this having in the investment sector?

MF: It is critical to consider all of the constituencies that may be impacted by developing energy resources, including environmental and local concerns. One must engage directly with all impacted parties to lower the execution risk of energy projects.

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ED: We’ve seen market uncertainty on the rise, from increasing geopolitical tensions to slowing global economic growth. How do you foresee this will impact investment in the energy sector, specifically in natural gas?

MF: I think recent market circumstances, particularly slowing economic growth, will impact commodity prices, and more specifically, put a cap on Henry Hub below $3, whereas $3 or more was the long-term projection for many previously.

ED: We are looking forward to your participation at the natural gas investment panel during this year’s North American Gas Forum on October 21-23 in Washington D.C. In your opinion, what are the main challenges and opportunities ahead for natural gas investment and what do you look forward to discussing at the event?

MF: There is a huge opportunity for natural gas, as a global commodity moved through the LNG value chain, as a power source providing cleaner and firm electricity, and as a greater commercial, industrial and residential heating/cooling source. I look forward to being with industry colleagues to get their perspective and to learn from them!


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