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Houston Energy Dialogues Podcast

Where is North American Energy Supply Headed?

This podcast was recorded at the Houston Energy Dialogues, held in partnership with The Baker Institute at Rice University and as part of our broader City Series.

The aim is to have strategic dialogue, welcoming diverse viewpoints from participants within and outside the industry, as well as the formation of solutions driving a sustainable energy pathway forward, critical amidst an on-going energy transition.

In this podcast, energy thought leaders discuss where the North American energy supply is headed.

  • Spotlight on the Permian – how a regional boom is reshaping domestic and global energy supplies
  • Discussing a long-term vision for Houston; in an era of transition, can Houston reinvent itself from “Energy Capital” to “Energy Innovation Capital”?
  • Can Houston become the renewable energy capital?
  • How do we educate stakeholders outside the industry?
  • How will consolidation and structure of players in the field evolve, in a context of enforced capital discipline?
  • Addressing flaring and lack of take away capacity for gas – what will proposed solutions be to minimize flaring and monetize gas? What will create the potential to accelerate development in the region?
  • How does water management play into the success of producers?


  • Amir Gerges, Vice President Permian, Shell
  • Marie-Helene Ben Samoun, Managing Director & Partner Houston, Boston Consulting Group
  • Tracee Bentley, Executive Director, The Permian Strategic Partnership


  • Kenneth B. Medlock III, James A. Baker, III, and Susan G. Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics, Baker Institute, Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies

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