2:00 pm


2:30 pm


2:40 pm

Panel discussion: The balance between reducing emissions and utilizing carbon offsetting programs

An open conversation on the steps taken by operators to reduce their footprint, the impact of operations in the Basin and what the future looks like in a lower emitting environment:

  • Contextualizing and understanding EPA requirements and other regulatory frameworks to create internal roadmaps to reduce emissions
  • In-house emission reductions in the Basin – best practices, pitfalls and technology know-how
  • How to balance carbon offsetting and in-house programs to navigate regulatory complexities and efficiently contribute to decarbonization efforts
  • The importance of assessing baseline data and footprints and of creating impactful synergies across the entire supply chain

Confirmed panelists:

3:30 pm

Interactive roundtable discussions

  • (Strategic/Operational) The pathway towards certified gas and how players are specifically addressing it in the context of unconventional operations – CCS and carbon offsets opportunities
  • (Commercial/Operational) Expanding operations in the Permian Basin – challenges and opportunities in land acquisition in the context of permitting framework
  • (Financial) What opportunities lie ahead to successfully invest in the Permian region – finding new partnerships, ventures and growth in the Basin

4:20 pm

Networking coffee break

4:50 pm

Panel discussion: Turning the Permian Basin into a catalyst for improved water management strategies

  • The regulatory and policy landscape in New Mexico and Texas on water management 
  • The need for an exchange of knowledge and information between players to solve a crucial issues in the Permian and beyond 
  • How can operators accelerate improvements in produced water handling? What is currently being done to create synergies with adjacent sectors?
  • Beyond water injection – which alternatives are available to dispose of produced water in New Mexico? Which innovations are under consideration?

Confirmed panelists:

5:45 pm

Cocktail reception

6:45 pm

Welcome dinner

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8:00 am


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8:40 am


8:50 am

Fireside chat: The role of federal regulations in the management of nationwide resources

Confirmed Speakers:

9:20 am

Panel discussion: The regulatory environment across New Mexico and Texas

How clear permitting and policy structures can improve the quality of operations in the Basin

  • Differences and commonalities across the vast Permian Basin – highlights from New Mexico and Texas
  • Cooperation opportunities between public and private sectors 
  • The potential impact of the IRA with specific attention to the Permian Basin
  • The importance of getting data straight to speed up the permitting process
  • What is needed to improve the regulatory environment and when to expect it?


Confirmed Panelists

10:20 am

Networking coffee break

10:50 am

Panel discussion: The growth trajectory of the region

The growth trajectory of the region between production highs, electrification issues, infrastructure investments and a wave of M&A frenzy:

  • Current and future Permian’s production outlook and opportunities in the context of domestic and global gas requirements
  • The necessity for improved takeaway capacity and the challenges of building new infrastructure
  • How to electrify the Permian Basin – which projects are underway to improve access to electricity in the region and get closer to greening the grid?
  • An impactful wave of M&A and consolidation creating more opportunities but also widening the divide between majors and everyone else


Confirmed panelists:

11:50 am

Interactive roundtable discussions

  • (Operational) Greening the grid: how to sustainably electrify the Permian – insights on both Texas and New Mexico’s infrastructure requirements
  • (Strategic/Operational) How improved operations in the Permian contribute to local economic growth, employments and overall regional development  
  • (Strategic/Commercial) The role of the Permian Basin in the global supply and demand and energy security landscape


(In Parallel) - Closed Door Innovation Working Group on emission reductions

A unique opportunity for all actors involved in emission reductions plans to discuss in a closed door setting operational best practices, technology requirements, data monitoring and interpretation and beyond. The purpose of the recurring working group is to create a set of actionable points for everyone to bring back and discuss within their organization. 

12:50 pm

Networking lunch

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2:30 pm

Panel discussion: The importance of sustainability goals and innovation-oriented culture to attract a wider talent pool and drive technology advancements

  • What are companies doing to innovate their strategies and philosophies and create realistic paths towards sustainability goals?
  • The role of R&D and innovation hubs across the Basin and beyond in the proliferation of new technologies and solutions  
  • How to attract and retain a trained and engaged workforce for the energy industry of tomorrow? 
  • How have talent acquisition strategies evolved over the years and how connected are they with sustainability goals and achievements?


Confirmed Panelists:

3:20 pm

Industry poll

An interactive session to share thoughts and takeaways via the interactive platform and contribute to informing a high-quality post-event report following the 2023 Permian Energy Dialogues.

3:40 pm

Interactive roundtable discussions

  • (Regulatory) The 2019 Produced Water Act of New Mexico and its impact on reducing water consumption and enabling water recycling in the Basin
  • (Strategic) How innovative technology enables efficiencies and competitiveness across the Permian Basin
  • (Operational) Insights into how operators are decreasing routine gas flaring in the Permian and what is the outlook for a zero flaring target  



Closing remarks and end of the Permian Energy Dialogues