Interview with Helima Croft at RBC Capital Markets

Ahead of this year’s virtual North American Gas Forum on October 20-22, we had a lively conversation with Helima Croft, Managing Director, Head of Global Commodity Strategy & MENA Research at RBC Capital Markets.

Helima will be joining us as a panelist at this year’s forum for the session: Geopolitics and Trade Impacts From Covid19 – Can the World Regain Confidence?

Some of the other topics discussed during this panel include:

  • What trajectories in geopolitics should natural gas prepare for?
  • How are supply chains changing post-COVID19?
  • Will dependence on foreign supply increase, decrease? Will the US export less and become more inward focused?
  • Will we become more inward focused?
  • Is access to minerals an important consideration as we lay out next steps?
  • What are some trends we should be ready for as far as changing views in politics, globalization and impact on natural gas?

We invite you to listen  below and join the dialogue at the year’s forum.




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