Annual Meetings

Senior-level energy meetings and conferences

Whether country-specific, regional or global, our events bring together a unique set of decision makers, always with tomorrow’s solutions in mind. Our events offer valuable networking opportunities and content-rich discussion, because we believe that in an increasingly virtual world, real face-to-face time is essential to creating and maintaining strong, successful and lasting business relationships.


Energy Dialogues LLC Events – Guidelines on Competition Law

Anti-Trust Statement

It is the intent of Energy Dialogues LLC that all meetings and conferences are conducted within an anti-trust and competition law sensitive environment and in strict compliance with federal anti-trust and competition laws. To preserve the professional nature of our meetings, while we encourage exchange on opinions and experiences, macro-economic issues and how they impact the industry, participants are reminded of the guidelines below on competition and antitrust issues.  These guidelines apply to all Energy Dialogues events and attendees assisting these events are encouraged to comply at all times.

Forum Guidelines

  • No discussion or sharing of any company’s confidential or proprietary information (e.g., purchasing plans for products or services, specific merger or divestment plans, market allocation, development plans, compliance costs, inventories, profits, premiums etc.). Only publicly available information may be discussed or shared.
  • No discussion or agreements, either explicit or implicit, regarding prices of particular products or services of a company.
  • No forecasting of prices for goods or services.
  • No sharing of information that your company considers to be confidential or sensitive, even if that information does not fit in any of above categories.
  • Seek independent legal advice if you are unsure at any time of how to apply these rules.

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