The 2016 North American Gas Forum was the biggest one yet and we look forward to seeing you again in Washington D.C. October 1-3 for the 2017 NAGF.

In the meantime, if you have not participated in the last event, you will find here some valuable background, photos, the post-forum report, video and testimonials to give you an insight into why participants of the 2016 NAGF found such great value in their involvement, gained unparalleled industry insights and commercial opportunity and come back year after year. Please take a few minutes to see what you can expect from participating in the North American Gas Forum:

Pictures from the 2016 NAGF

  • Photo by Jason Dixson Photography.

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2016 Press Coverage

  • US using gas to promote markets, environmental goals overseas, diplomat says SNL Extra

    The U.S. Department of State is working to spread the use of natural gas around the world, calling the fuel “critical to economic growth” and democracy.

    The department is working with national governments to put “the right investment climate in place,” Robin Dunnigan, deputy assistant secretary of state for energy diplomacy, told a largely gas industry crowd in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 3. Such a climate would allow countries that are trying to increase gas-fired electric power generation to attract more foreign investors to help build the required gas and power infrastructure.

    Observing that China will need gas as it turns away from coal as a fuel, Dunnigan said…

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    Jordan Cove did not have time to prove viability to FERC, CEO says SNL Extra

    FERC Commissioner Tony Clark on Oct. 6 called for more natural gas pipeline infrastructure, citing the shale boom’s transformative effect on the U.S., but he also welcomed as “helpful” the views of local landowners who oppose development projects.

    The Jordan Cove LNG export project in Oregon did not get a full chance to prove its economic viability before FERC denied its application, preventing the market from deciding who the “winners” are, the project’s leader said.

    Elizabeth Spomer, CEO of Jordan Cove Energy Project LP, did not waste time acknowledging the situation as she sat on a panel with leaders of other major U.S. LNG projects at the North American Gas Forum on Oct. 3. Hers was the only application that FERC denied.

    Spomer said…

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    Gas industry advised to get local support before fighting big green groups Exclusive

    Natural gas companies are better off talking with grassroots groups before taking on national environmental organizations like the Sierra Club and, speakers at Energy Dialogues LLC’s North American Gas Forum said.

    Industry leaders said companies are more likely to garner local support even while national environmental groups call for regulators to quash their projects, and getting community approval for a project has become increasingly important for its success, said Dan Lumma, senior vice president of Kiewit Energy Group.

    Lumma joined…

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    Energy experts to gas industry: Help, don't obstruct, work on climate issues SNL Extra

    Natural gas has potential to carry much of the world’s energy load for the next three decades if the industry confronts and resolves concerns about climate change, energy experts said at a recent gas industry conference.

    Representatives from the energy industry and environmental advocacy groups at Energy Dialogues LLC’s North American Gas Forum agreed that…

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  • GAS EXPORTS: Industry sees stronger markets ahead — and more opposition

    The liquefied natural gas industry is finally seeing daylight after being dragged down by low natural gas prices. But there’s some concern that restructured markets and public backlash against oil and gas projects could spread more pain to LNG.

    “We think the forecast price for LNG and LNG demand are conservative, today,” Anatol Feygin, chief commercial officer and executive vice president of Cheniere Energy Inc., told gas industry stakeholders this week in Washington, D.C.

    Industry has suffered from…

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  • Trudeau Announces Carbon Pricing Plan for Canada

    On Oct. 3, Prime Minster of Canada Justin Trudeau vowed in a speech to Parliament to initiate a carbon pricing program in the nation beginning in 2018. That year the pricing will start at $7.63 ($10 C) per metric ton, rising by the same each year until it hits $38.14/mt ($50C) in 2022.

    “Businesses will have to find new ways to reduce emissions and pollute less. That will also make our companies more competitive. The global economy is increasingly clean and Canada cannot allow itself to fall behind,” Trudeau told Parliament.

    The country’s ten provinces can either…

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    Coal Is the Competition for LNG Say Industry Leaders

    Sempra LNG CEO Octavio Simoes told PointLogic on the sidelines of the Energy Dialogues North American Energy Forum in Washington DC on Oct. 4 that despite industry fears over pricing, the Clean Power Plan, permitting etc. the challenge of the LNG industry comes down to coal.

    “The competition is coal—that’s what the LNG industry has not grasped.” Simoes said contrary to assumptions, globally, coal is not being displaced by gas. Not in Europe, not in Asia. He pointed out…

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  • World Bank says yes to gas, no to coal and nuclear

    The World Bank has taken a strong stance in favour of investments in gas over coal and nuclear, but the outlook for LNG demand in the coming years remains highly uncertain, World Bank senior energy specialist Alan Townsend told the North American Gas Forum in Washington DC this week.

    Asked to comment on reports that World Bank member organisation IFC had “indirectly financed” over 50 GW of coal-fired capacity worldwide in recent years, given the recent COP21 climate accords, Townsend said his employer had financed such projects in the past, but was now focussed on gas.

    “Our position as an institution is crystal clear…

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    US gas industry must prepare for battle on many fronts

    The US gas industry can benefit from record high supply and rising demand in emerging

    markets, but opposing forces – including low prices and strong public opposition – make success

    anything but guaranteed for gas and LNG producers, speakers said this week at the North

    American Gas Forum (NAGF) in Washington DC.


    The Marcellus and Utica shale plays in the eastern half of the US alone produced more gas than

    any country on earth, save Russia, and 28 Bcf/d (289 Bcm/year) of combined pipeline capacity is

    currently proposed to be built, most of which in north-eastern states, NAGF panellists said.

    Rig efficiency has also soared in recent years, helping US gas production [1] to repeatedly reach

    and exceed all-time highs. At the same time, only five US states have…

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    Shell sees ‘vital’ role and falling costs for CCS

    Carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects have a “vital part” to play in the future and costs are

    set to drop significantly in the coming years, Shell VP for North American shale Michael Crothers

    told the North American Gas Forum (NAGF) in Washington DC on Monday.

    Some 20 separate CCS projects are currently under development around the world, Crothers

    said, adding that Shell is certain the next round of projects will cost 30% less than the initial

    round, with subsidy backing for new installations set to fall over the next five years.

    When asked by Gas Matters Today where future CCS projects might appear next, Crothers said…

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NAGF Sponsors and Participants Include:

NAGF Sponsors and Participants Include:

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