Energy Dialogues and IPD Latin America presented:
Mexico Natural Gas Workshop.

Workshop Leaders:

John Padilla, Managing Director, IPD Latin America
Montzerrat SánchezConsultant, IPD Latin America


  • Session 1 —
    SISTRANGAS and CENAGAS – The Evolution of Mexico’s National Pipeline System

    o CENAGAS - Mexico’s new natural gas ISO: Strengths and weaknesses
    o U.S. Pipeline Capacity Auction – What went wrong?
    - Avoiding barriers to entry
    - Marketers buying gas over the counter from PEMEX
    - Improving participation levels
    o SISTRANGAS open season – Creating a culture of competition
    - Pemex Industrial Transformation (TRI) – Market growth in the shadow of a dominant market player
    - Reserving capacity and the rise of a secondary market (Winners and Losers)
    o Barriers to entry
    - Building a better market: tariff evolution, infrastructure buildout, system redundancy
  • SESSION 2 — —
    CFE – a Major Market Player

    o Pipelines backed by CFE contracts
    o CFE Unbundling:  How will this complex process affect the industry?
    o Spare capacity and the role of CFEnergia - Scenarios

  • Session 3 —
    IPD Supply-Demand Projections & Price Forecasts

    o Natural gas production and reserves evolution
    o Summary of national and regional supply and demand (north, central & south)
    o Expected trends (local demand, exports and imports)
    o Forecasts under an open and deregulated market
    o Natural gas quality issues
  • Session 4 —
    The New Landscape of Natural Gas Infrastructure

    o GPS Mapping – Building a better picture of pipeline use
    o Breakout of Major Users and Consumption
    o Cross Border vs. LNG
    o Virtual pipelines, transport gaps, distribution, storage and service stations
    o Creation and location of natural gas hubs
  • Session 5 —
    PEMEX’s Role in the Future of Natural Gas

    o PEMEX restructuring and assessment of management and operations
    o Pemex Industrial Transformation (Natural Gas Marketing)
    o PEMEX as a partner
    o PEMEX financial review



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