Wednesday - April 26, 2017


Dinner Reception co-hosted with Mexican Energy Forum

Thursday - April 27, 2017


Welcome Remarks by Energy Dialogues LLC



Round Table Talks and Breakfast Discussion

  • Will the bid rounds be sufficient to start turning around the continued declines in production and reserves? What are the options?
  • What are the risks and vulnerabilities to the energy sector of a push back against the 2013 energy reform in the 2018 presidential elections?
  • How good a job has the Mexican government done with addressing bidders’ concerns and making adjustments in the bidding process?
  • Will international E&P companies be as enthusiastic about upcoming, riskier, more “prospective” blocks?


Coffee Break


The Era of International E&P Companies in the Mexican Upstream Market – Government and Private Sector Perspectives

  • How do E&P companies feel about the current contractual structures? What is the economic formula for success?
  • How successful has Round One been and what needs adjustments to continue to attract broad participation in future bid rounds?
  • How does the entry of private companies affect daily oil productions for the region? How much impact on production and reserves will Round One have in five years? In ten years?
  • Domestic, global and geopolitical trends; examining upcoming 2018 elections, impact of USA policy and potential changes
  • How will OPEC impact the market, production cost and investments? Unconventional production in the USA? What will these factors mean for Mexico’s energy sector?





Recent Bid Rounds and Winners – Round One Experiences, Risks and Challenges and Expectations for Future Rounds

  • Are more regulatory changes and guidelines needed to continue to attract market interest?
  • Do international companies have adequate protection in the case of legal disputes?
  • What forms of alliances and strategic partnerships should international companies consider to have a successful run in the Mexican market?
  • Social and community engagement – what is crucial for international and domestic operators?
  • How are local content requirements impacting planning and operations? Is there a shortage of workforce, knowledge? Will international oil companies (IOCs) need to shift their workers from other oil-producing regions?
  • Transparency, safety and security considerations crucial to Mexico reaching it’s full potential







Pemex 2.0 and Beyond Trion - What Can International Bidders Look Forward to in Coming Rounds – Regulations, Alliances and Investments

  • Pemex in transition – what will joint operating agreements, partnerships and investment structures post-Trion look like going forward?
  • Are farm-downs good for Pemex? What needs to be tweaked to accelerate them and improve them?
  • What is needed to create an even-playing field be created between Pemex and private sector producers?
  • Are qualifications for future bids expected to be changed?
  • Where will investment come from and who will be the key players? What will be the requirements for new capital?
  • How is Pemex evolving as a company and transitioning into becoming a private sector player?





The Future of Hydrocarbons: A Snapshot of the Short, Mid and Long-term

  • What will Mexico’s hydrocarbons future look like?
  • Will the investment of deep water drilling pay off in the long run? What will an on-going energy transition mean to oil, gas and other fossil fuels?
  • What impact are Mexico’s substantial unconventionals likely to have on productions and reserves over the next decade?
  • How will Mexico’s successful renewable industry impact its oil & gas sector in the future?
  • What is the likelihood of Mexico achieving market efficiencies on par with the U.S.?
  • Will there be an improvement to Mexico’s refinement capabilities in the near-future?
  • Can Mexico’s consumption cost per barrel of oil be brought down and how will it compare to international opportunities?
  • How will technological advances impact marginal cost per barrel, competitive edge and ultimate success of E&P companies?





Tequila Roundtables – Focused Discussion Around Key Topics in Small Groups

This is an opportunity to meet, network and talk in more depth about specific topics in smaller groups at round tables following the lunch reception.

  • Technology as they key driver to success
  • How will Mexico’s energy reform impact oil and gas consumption in Mexico?
  • Cross-border partnerships examined
  • The impact of the upcoming general election on future bid rounds


End of Mexican Upstream Forum